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Cheers on Catalina Island

Buffalo Milks in Two Harbors

Catalina is a special place where you can put your toes in the sand and enjoy a delicious drink with your meal. Now with many restaurants setting up on the beach for dinner, there are so many possibilities. From healthy to indulgent, Catalina Island has variety of drinks for any occasion.


Buffalo Milk

Many would agree that Catalina Island’s signature beverage is the Buffalo Milk. Named after the famous four-legged inhabitants of the Island, this drink just screams delicious. The creamy concoction has a lovely taste of banana and chocolate with a kick of vodka and coffee liqueur. Don’t worry, there is no actual buffalo milk in this cocktail.  

Many of the restaurants have their own twist on this famous drink. The Island has even set up the Buffalo Milk trail, so everyone can decided who serves the best version. If you want to enjoy the original recipe, visit Two Harbors on the west end of the Island. Wherever you enjoy this classic beverage, it will be sure to please.  


Bloody Mary

Although we may be partial to our Catalina Express Bloody Mary, Descanso Beach Club takes theirs to another level. When you are not sure if the cocktail should be listed under drinks or entrees, you know you are in for a treat. Not only is the Bloody Mary made with premium vodka and their own house-made bloody mix, it is topped with a cheeseburger slider, onion rings and of course the obligatory celery stick. Definitely give this a try next time you are on the Island. It’s a complete meal all in one, although the nachos are a great side dish.