CATALINAEXPRESS.COM 15 1929 1932 1935 1972 1 9 2 4 14 North American bison are brought to Catalina Island to be used in a Zane Grey film, a precursor of a herd of approximately 100–200 that continue to roam the Island’s interior today. The iconic Casino building, 12 stories tall and containing the world’s largest circular ballroom, opens, drawing new visitors and Hollywood stars. After his father’s passing, Philip K. Wrigley takes over the Santa Catalina Island Company and ushers in a new era of development that modernizes Avalon. CBS broadcasts Big Band music from the Casino Ballroom nightly, drawing listeners from across the nation. 1 9 3 4 Filming of Mutiny on the Bounty, starring Clark Gable and Charles Laughton, takes place. It is among more than 500 productions that have been filmed here in the past 90 years. The United States is at war and Catalina Island is officially closed to visitors. The U.S. Maritime Service takes over Avalon to use as a training station. 1 9 4 2 To preserve the Island’s interior, Philip K. Wrigley establishes the Catalina Island Conservancy. It protects 88% of the Island and is one of the oldest private land trusts in Southern California.