16 CATALINA EXPRESS MAGAZINE 2019–2020 Getting Around YOU DON’T HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT renting a car in Avalon— it’s only one square mile in size. Everything is within walking distance. Actually, cars are in short supply here. Because the town is small, there is a 20-year waitlist to own a car. But there are alternatives. Most residents use golf carts, or you can rent a bike. AVALON TRANSIT offers taxi service and an all-electric public bus that loops around town for a $2 fare. 310.510.0081 CityofAvalon.com/Transit Or rent a golf cart and go on a DIY tour that will take you into the foothills and down to the sea. CATALINA ISLAND GOLF CART RENTALS & TOURS 310.510.0369 CatalinaIslandGolfCart.com ISLAND RENTALS 310.510.1456 CatalinaGolfCartRentals.com Island Style Bowling Arcade Beer & Wine Wings & Things Sports Bar Thin Crust Pizza Great Food Incredible prizes food...drinks...fun zone In the Metropole Marketplace (310) 510-0967 www.threepalmsavalonarcade.com NUMBERS TO KNOW NEED HELP? CALL 911 The Island is in Los Angeles County and is served by its county emergency services. SHERIFF’S STATION 215 Sumner Ave. 310.510.0174 CATALINA ISLAND MEDICAL CENTER 24-hour emergency room care 100 Falls Canyon Rd. 310.510.0700 CIMedicalCenter.org FERRY SERVICE | CATALINA EXPRESS 800.995.4386 CatalinaExpress.com