amous FIN CATALINA AND BEYOND Marilyn Monroe At the age of 15, actress Marilyn Monroe, famous for her comedic roles, moved to the Island. She lived here for a year during World War II with her husband at the time, James Dougherty. Ronald Reagan Read all about our 40th president (1981–89) at the Catalina Museum, where you’ll see an exhibit that includes the smiling face of Ronald “Dutch” Reagan in a 1930 photo that shows him in front of a radio mike. He’s broadcasting news about the Chicago Cubs baseball team, which did spring training on Catalina for decades. Reagan was a sports broadcaster before he took the Hollywood screen test that turned him into a star and paved the way for him to enter politics. Zane Grey Writer and adventurer Zane Grey wrote prolifically about the Old West, baseball and fishing. Many of his books, such as Lone Star Ranger, became films. Grey built a Hopi Indian-style house on a hillside overlooking Avalon Bay and spent much time there writing. Visitors can now stay in the newly renovated island retreat and soak up the inspiration the home once gave to its former owner. Errol Flynn Hollywood actor Errol Flynn, famous for his roles as a swashbuckling hero, enjoyed the freedom of sailing to Catalina on his boat, the Sirocco. Nearly every weekend Flynn and his friends, Johnny Weissmuller and Humphrey Bogart, would race their yachts to the Island. PHO TOS COU RTES Y OF CATA LINA ISLA ND MUS EUM W IK IM ED IA CATALINAEXPRESS.COM 23