CATALINAEXPRESS.COM 53 Historic. Unique. Renovated. Courtesy Shuttle • Continental Breakfast • Amazing Views Steps Away from the Beach Glenmore Plaza Hotel 118 Sumner Ave., Avalon CA 90704 800-4-CATALINA | exhibition showcases Wrigley’s vision and accomplishments that transformed the Island into a premier vacation destination, especially during the first year of ownership, 1919. Incredibly talented artist, Elizabeth Turk created a special outdoor exhibition entitled, “Tipping Points,” on the extinction of birds and our impact on them. One platform of the exhibition features 12-foot tall metal sculpture panels with cutouts of extinct birds that visitors walk through and become a part of the art in its shadows. The other platform features 3-D sound column sculptures inspired by recordings of extinct birds. The plan is for these columns to be made out of salt which will slowly disintegrates throughout the year. In August, the museum will present the first-ever exhibition about movie legend and swimming sensation Esther Williams, who starred in “Jupiter’s Darling”. She captured the hearts of audiences around the world as a champion athlete and went on to star in numerous films gracefully performing water ballet or playing roles such as a swim instructor, swimsuit designer and a mermaid. Esther enjoyed vacationing on Catalina with her family in the 1930s and 40s as did many of her famous co-stars including Mickey Rooney. The museum is working with her family to feature some never-before- seen personal home movies on the Island along with her costumes, memorabilia and photographs. What is one activity that everyone needs to experience while on Catalina besides the Museum? Visit the interior of the Island to explore a rare part of Southern California that has remained untouched. Take an off-roading tour or hike with a great tour guide, who can show you the beauty and ruggedness of the Island. When you see bison in their own environment, they are so majestic and strong. The fantastic views of the island’s unique landscape and vastness of the Pacific Ocean will take your breath away. I HAVE ALWAYS BEEN DRAWN TO THE IMMENSE SACRIFICES AND CONTRIBUTIONS OF EVERYDAY AMERICANS DURING WWII.