CATALINAEXPRESS.COM 55 Full Bar–Happy Hour Authentic Mexican Food Kids Menu Breakfast Veggie Friendly Options Outdoor Patio 7 DirecTV’s Free Sunglasses on yourBirthday! R E S TA U R A N T & B A R Half a block from THE GREEN PIER Ever done something so ridiculous you wish you had a hole to hide in? Well—in Paula’s life, that’s called “Wednesday.” Her hilarious and heart- warming stories offer a first-ever peak at the life of a kid in the 1950’s when her siblings became overnight Hollywood celebrities . . . . Local author, Paula Thomas When you grow up with six siblings in a tiny beach cottage, you have to do something to survive! Telling funny stories kept my friends in stitches and kept me sane. What’s it like to grow up on Catalina Island? Read… Potluck Little Stories from A Big Table by PAULA THOMAS BUY IT TODAY! Leo’s Catalina Drug Store 401 Crescent Ave. Only $17.99 Available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble  Website: • Email: I belly laughed and cried through the entire book. It’s a classic! I belly laughed and cried through the entire AVALON SEAFOOD & FISH MARKET Green Pleasure Pier 310.510.0197 CAFE METROPOLE 113 Metropole Ave. 310.510.9095 CATALINA ISLAND BREW HOUSE 417 Crescent Ave. 310.590.6905 CONEY ISLAND WEST 205 Crescent Ave. 310.510.0763 Coney-Island-West ELLIE’S ISLAND DELI 302 Pebbly Beach Rd. 310.510.1971 ERIC’S ON THE PIER Green Pleasure Pier 310.510.0894 PETE’S PLAZA CAFE 128 Sumner Ave. 310.510.0523 SANDTRAP 501 Avalon Canyon Rd. 310.510.2505 COFFEE & SWEETS AVALON BAKE SHOP 122 Catalina Ave. 310.510.1199 CATALINA COFFEE & COOKIE COMPANY 205 Crescent Ave. 310.510.2447 DESCANSO FRESH 1 Descanso Ave. 310.510. 7410 LLOYD’S OF AVALON CONFECTIONERY 315 Crescent Ave. 310.510.7266 SCOOPS 501 Crescent Ave. 310.510.0178