56 CATALINA EXPRESS MAGAZINE 2019–2020 I f you like to hike, you’ve come to the right place. No other Channel Island features the diversity that Catalina has to offer. Choose from 165 miles of scenic hiking trails. You can take loop trails or try the Island’s mega-trek, the Trans-Catalina Trail, which traverses the entire Island. Additionally, there are many other trails on the Island. Some hikers choose to take ground transportation to an interior point, such as the Airport in the Sky, and begin their hike there. Permits, which are free, are required for hiking in the interior. They are issued by the Catalina Island Conservancy, which manages all land outside Avalon and Two Harbors to ensure the Island’s unique ecosystem is protected. Pick up one of the Conservancy’s trail maps, which contains elevation guides so you can choose the hike to best match your time and skills, at the Trailhead as you enter town from the ferry landing. TREKKING Catalina FIVE HIKES TO TRY HERE’S A SAMPLING: 1.Trans-Catalina Trail: Trek the length of the Island; 38.5 miles. Level: Strenuous. Two days or more. 2.East End Loop: Hike Avalon Canyon on rugged roads and an historic stagecoach route; 11.4 miles. Level: Strenuous. 4–5 hours. 3.Hermit Gulch Trail: Ascend from the canyon floor to rim; 1.7 miles. Level: Moderate. 1–2 hours. 4.Garden-to-sky Trail: Loop from the canyon floor at the Wrigley Memorial & Botanic Garden to the rim; 1.2 miles to 6 miles, depending on route. Level: Moderate. 1–3 hours. 5.Patrick Reservoir: Hike past ranch reservoirs to a bench with views of Grand Canyon at Inspiration Point; 1.4 mile loop. Level: Easy. 1 hour PERMITS Free hiking permits can be ordered online, at CatalinaConservancy.org, or at these four locations on the island (hours may vary by season): THE TRAILHEAD 708 Crescent Ave. 310.510.2595 CatalinaConservancy.org Nature Center, Avalon Canyon near Hermit Gulch Campground on the road to Wrigley Memorial & Botanic Garden. CATALINA AIRPORT IN THE SKY Center of the Island 310.510.0143 TWO HARBORS VISITOR INFORMATION CENTER 310.510.4205 outdoors @CARLEYC_AZ