CAMPERS will be allowed to transport a sleeping bag as an extra piece of luggage. Plan to pack efficiently. Keep ice chests sizes to 60 quarts or fit our dimensions of 23"x23"x37" at a weight of 50 lbs. or less. To keep your ice chest under 50 lbs., pack only perishable items. Empty out water from melted ice from the ice chest. Use duct tape, not bungee cords (bungee cords can get snagged and become dangerous). Straps and snaps on backpacks should be snapped together and fastened. No canteens, tennis shoes, loose items tied to exterior of backpacks. Bundle beach chairs together. Four-wheeled carts, non- collapsible or fixed wagons are not allowed. The United States Coast Guard prohibits the following items aboard the vessels: Camp stoves with internal fuel source and lanterns (except electric and fuel canisters must be removed), fuel canisters (propane, butane, white gas), kerosene, outboard motor, flammables, charcoal, firewood, denatured alcohol, gasoline or hoverboards. BAGGAGE Policies + Travel Tips Catalina Express vessels have limited space for baggage. Pack efficiently; only two bags are allowed per person (maximum dimensions 23”x23”x37” and weight 50 lbs. each), plus a carry-on (maximum dimensions 12”x12”x24”). ANIMALS All animals must be enclosed in an airline-style pet carrier OR leashed and muzzled throughout the duration of the trip. Catalina Express accommodates service animals as defined by the ADA and the Disabled Persons Act. Additional information on service animals can be found on or by request. EXTRA LUGGAGE Oversized, overweight items can be sent to the Island via one of Catalina’s freight services. Avalon Freight Serviwces, located at 285 E Swinford St., San Pedro, is easily accessible from freeways and close proximity to passenger arrivals and departures to Catalina via ferry or helicopter. 310.221.6290, Catalina Flying Boats will deliver “same day” to your hotel or campsite in Avalon or Two Harbors, 562.595.5026.