CATALINAEXPRESS.COM 61 DIVERS will be allowed one additional piece of luggage no larger than 23"x23"x37" at a maximum of 50 lbs. and one dive tank (Two-tank rig with a fixed manifold is counted as one tank). We recommend a “tank strap with the handle hold” for your carrying convenience. Medium Size Stanley box are acceptable. The largest Stanley or Husky Box must be kept under 50 lbs. and, although within the dimensions, be able to be stored on end if necessary. Two-wheel dollies are acceptable to assist transporting luggage. Two 50-lb. luggage bags can be placed on the two wheel dolly, each luggage can be no larger than 23"x23"x37" and weighing no more than 50 lbs. Total weight on the dolly cannot exceed 100 lbs. Four-wheeled carts, non-collapsible or fixed wagons are not allowed. Consider Soft Dive bags with wheels. Weight belts may take your luggage over the 50 lbs. maximum and MUST be carried aboard. Use a weight bag or wear the weights. We recommend the soft weights. We recommend a backpack for your most important items i.e. log book, computers, mask, regulator which can be carried aboard. Consider gear rentals from on-island dive suppliers to keep your load light. K E V I N J A N T Z E R