b'!!eettttnn AArroo\x04\x04nnAvalon is less than 3 square miles in size, and everything is within walking distance. In the small town of Avalon, there is a 20-year waitlist to own a car, butNUMBERS TO KNOWthere are many alternatives to getting around town. Most residents as well asNEED HELP? CALL 911visitors use golf carts, public transportation, such as shuttles or taxis, or rent bikes. The Island is in Los Angeles CountyAVALON TRANSIT offers a year-roundFor on-demand taxi service,and is served by its countypublic bus called the Garibaldi that loopsCatalina Taxi & Tours offersemergency services.around town for $2 per ride or $5 for a dayquick and easy transportationSHERIFFS STATIONpass. You can purchase a ticket with casharound town.215 Sumner Ave. or the Token Transit App that allows youCATALINA TAXI & TOURS 310.510.0174to hop on and off the Garibaldi throughout310.510.0025 (Taxi Dispatch)the day at the 15 stops around town. It hasCatalinaTaxiAndTours.com CATALINA ISLAND MEDICAL CENTERnever been so easy to get around Avalon!24-hour emergency room care.310.510.0081 Rent a golf cart and go on a100 Falls Canyon Rd.AvalonTransit.orgself-guided tour that will take you310.510.0700into the beautiful hillsides andCIMedicalCenter.orgdown to the sea.FERRY SERVICE | CATALINA EXPRESSCATALINA ISLAND GOLF800.995.4386 PAY FORCART RENTALS & TOURS CatalinaExpress.comYOUR TRIP 310.510.0369CatalinaIslandGolfCart.comBUSINESS SERVICES | Avalon PASSISLAND RENTALS Printing, packing, notary, office supplies 310.510.1456 and other business services.CatalinaGolfCartRentals.com 310.510.1088 PLANAvalonPASS.comYOUR TRIP16 CATALINA EXPRESS MAGAZINE'