b'1 AURORA HOTEL 11 HOTEL CATALINA310.510.0454 | AuroraCatalina.com 800.540.0184 | HotelCatalina.comCool style, warm hospitality. Victorian-style hotel with old-world elegance.2 THE AVALON HOTEL 12 HOTEL MAC RAE310.510.7070 | TheAvalonHotel.com 310.510.0246 | HotelMacRae.comElegant boutique hotel with rooftop deck. Best value on the beach!3 BELLANCA HOTEL 13 HOTEL METROPOLE310.510.0555 | BellancaHotel.com 310.510.1884 | Hotel-Metropole.comEuropean charm on the oceanfront. Luxurious guest rooms and stunning VIP suites.4 CASA MARIQUITA HOTEL 14 HOTEL VISTA DEL MAR310.510.1192 | CasaMariquitaCatalina.com 310.510.1452 | Hotel-VistaDelMar.comFamily-owned and operated cozy hotel. Distinctive Mediterranean charm and elegance.5 CATALINA CANYON INN 15 LA PALOMA LAS FLORES310.510.0325 | CatalinaCanyonInn.com 800.310.1505 | LaPalomaLasFlores.comTranquil resort nestled in Avalons foothil ls. Old-world charm reminiscent of New Orleans.6 CATALINA COURTYARD SUITES 16 MT ADA855.891.3400 | CatalinaCourtyardSuites.com 877.778.8415 | VisitCatalinaIsland.comBoutique hotel with ocean view suites &Former Wrigley mansion with spectacular views.oversized courtyard rooms.7 17 PAVILION HOTELCATALINA ISLAND INN310.510.1623 | CatalinaIslandInn.com 877.778.8415 | VisitCatalinaIsland.comVictorian architecture with a contemporary flair. Personalized service and resort-style amenities.8 GLENMORE PLAZA HOTEL 18 SEAPORT VILLAGE INN310.510.0017 | GlenmorePlaza.com 310.510.0344 | SeaportVillageInn.comEstablished hotel in the heart of Avalon. Diver-friendly comfort and value.9 19 SNUG HARBOR INNHERMOSA HOTEL310.510.1010 | HermosaHotel.com 310.510.8400 | SnugHarbor-Inn.comSimple lodging with diver-friendly services. Romantic Cape Cod-themed rooms.10 HOTEL ATWATER 20 ZANE GREY PUEBLO HOTEL877.778.8415 | VisitCatalinaIsland.com 310.510.0996 | ZaneGreyHotel.comNewly renovated with exceptional A historic landmark transformed on guest amenities. Avalons hillside.CATEGORY KEYContemporary Historic Midtown Uptown Oceanfront Price Indicator CATALINAEXPRESS.COM 33'