b'(\x04t\x1aod KEVIN JANTZER-nd\x06e-\x04IN CATALINASWORLD-FAMOUS WATERSWRITTEN BY ASHLEE POLAREKWRITTEN BYASHLEE POLAREKthe launch staircase. Divers have the chance toBlacksmith, Kelp Bass, Bat Rays, lobster, spot fish and the stunning kelp forests.Giant Black Sea Bass and more are often Certified divers can explore the water aroundfound near the Casino Point Dive Park. the Island without a guide or they can hopIn waters near other points on the Island, on a dive boat and head to deeper watersdivers may find Moray Eels, Torpedo Rays, with a tour company.Bat Rays, Angel Sharks, perch, Purple S cuba and snorkeling fans1\x0cer t \[email protected] Hydrocoral, Sea Lions and more. from around the world flock to Catalina to dive, swimCertified scuba divers can explore dive sites1\x0ca ao\x04 \[email protected] explore in the crystal-clearCatalina Diver Supply, Dive Catalina and waters around the Island. From thethat encircle the Island, so long as they haveother Island dive shops offer daily rentals moment you arrive in Catalina, itsaccess to a boat. Popular dive locationsfor all of your diving and snorkeling needs difficult to miss the inviting watersinclude Cherry Cove, Lions Head and Seaincluding air tanks, suits, fins, masks, weight and impressive kelp forest teemingFan Grotto. Snorkelers can jump in the waterbelts, gloves and booties, regulators and with friendly sea life including theat the Casino Point Dive Park, Descansomore. Many tours come with gear although bright orange Garibaldi fish Beach Club or Lovers Cove Marine Reserve;some require you to provide or rent your Californias marine state fish.a less populated area teeming with fish.own, so be sure to check with your tour While in the water, adventurersMany of the fish in both Lovers Cove andprovider beforehand. For information about can find an abundance of seathe Dive Park are used to people and willCatalina Expresss policy on dive gear, life, a few shipwrecks and evenswim right up to look at you. Casino Pointplease see page 59.a plaque dedicated to JacquesDive Park is a popular spot for Cousteau, who enjoyed exploringboth snorkelers and divers as its Catalinas underwater world.rich with sea life and kelp. 1\x0c a \[email protected] 1\x0ca t loo \[email protected] first timers, several companiesDepending on the season, lead snorkeling, power snorkelingexplorers can expect to find a and introductory diving tours at thelarge array of sea life as they Casino Point Marine Park, locatedswim, dive and splash in the behind the famous Casino. Certifiedwaters off Catalina. Animals guides lead tours into the water fromlike the Garibaldi, Schooling 52 CATALINA EXPRESS MAGAZINE'