b'(\x04t\x1aodC atalina is home to 165 miles of spectacular trailsH to traverse. Hiking on theWRITTEN BY ASHLEE POLAREK .raIsland ranges from 0.4 mile strolls to the strenuous 38.5-mile Trans-Catalina Trail. No matter your skill level, the trail you choose or how long you hike, youre sure to encounter beautiful wildlife and plant life as well as sweeping vistas.Before hitting the trail, all hikers must obtain a permit at the Catalina Island Conservancy Trailhead or online atHike from Two Harbors to Little CatalinaConservancy.org. PermitsHarbor on the Harbor to Harbor help ensure that Catalinas uniqueTrail. As part of the Trans-Catalina ecosystem remains protected andTrail, this is a challenging trek with a for the safety of the hikers. If youreshade structure mid-way through the looking for the perfect trail, here is ahike. The beautiful beach and views list of a few hikes to get you startedat Little Harbor are well worth the and dont forget, take only pictures,workout. leave only footprints, kill nothing but time.Level: ModerateAirport Loop Trail is a 2.2-mile Length: 5.4 mileshike with interpretive signs that give Duration: 23 hours hikers history and information aboutThe East End Loop Trail is for the the soapstone quarry used by theserious hiker. Hike along the path Native Americans who once calledand end on the historic Stagecoach Catalina home. This slightly slopingRoute. This is a minimal shade hike trail is perfect for all levels. Thewith restrooms and shade availableThe Trans-Catalina Trail is the trail picks up at the Airport in theat the summit. With several photo- premier hike on Catalina Island Sky, which can be accessed by theworthy spots along the way, this isspanning 38.5 miles. This strenuous Wildlands Express Bus. a great hike for experienced andhike begins in Avalon and ends in TwoLevel: Easy adventurous hikers ready for a dayHarbors. Boasting world-class views,Length: 2.2 miles on the trail. its a must do for all serious hikersDuration: Approx. 1 hour Level: Strenuous and backpackers. With little shade,Length: 11.4 miles this hike is best during the spring and The Garden-to-Sky Trail is Duration: 45 hoursfall months. Located along the trail, ideal for those looking for a bit ofyoull find campgrounds as well as the everything; canyons, ocean views andoccasional outdoor shower, picnic area time at the Botanic Garden. Startand water stations. Youll want to at the foot of the Wrigley Memorialbring your camera along; the views of and end your hike at the summit/ the backcountry are awe inspiring. watershed divide of Avalon Canyon. Level: StrenuousIf youre up for it, add on the LonePRE-HIKE Length: 38.5 milesTree Spur Trail and view the cliffsCHECK LISTDuration: several days on the backside of the Island called the Palisades. Hiking PermitLevel: Moderate Water Length: 1.26 miles SnacksDuration: 13 hoursMap(Can be purchasedat the Trailhead) Sun Protection54 CATALINA EXPRESS MAGAZINE'