b'TWOHARBORSCATALINA EXPRESSTRAVEL TIPS FOR CAMPERSCampers will beUse duct tape, notThe United States allowed to transport abungee cords. BungeeCoast Guard prohibits sleeping bag as an extracords can get snaggedthe following itemsCATALINA piece of luggage.and become dangerous. aboard the vessels: Plan to pack efficiently.Straps and snaps onCamp stoves withHARBORbackpacks should beinternal fuel source and Keep ice chest sizessnapped together andlanterns (except electric to 60 quarts or fit ourfastened. No canteens,and fuel canisters must dimensions of 23x23x37tennis shoes or loosebe removed), fuel at a weight of 50 lbs. oritems tied to exterior ofcanisters (propane, less. backpacks. butane, white gas), kerosene, outboard To keep your ice chestBundle beach chairsmotor, flammables,LITTLE HARBORunder 50 lbs., pack onlytogether. Four-wheeledcharcoal, firewood, perishable items. Emptycarts, non-collapsible ordenatured alcohol or out water from meltedfixed wagons are notgasoline.ice from the ice chest. allowed.BAGGAGEAVALONPole B .ra .Catalina Express vessels have limited space for baggage. Pack efficiently; only two bags are allowed per person (maximum dimensions 23x23x37 and weight 50 lbs. each), plus a carry-on (maximum dimensions 12x12x24). For information about specific items not allowed on the vessels, please visit CatalinaExpress.com.ANIMALS EXTRA LUGGAGEAll animals must be enclosed in an airline-style petOversized, overweight items can be sent to the Island via one of Catalinas LEGENDcarrier OR leashed and muzzled throughout thefreight services.duration of the trip.Avalon Freight Services, located at 385 E. Swinford St., San Pedro,Primary Road Trans-CatalinaCatalina Express accommodates service animals asis easily accessible from freeways and close proximity to passengerNew Trail Hiking Traildefined by the ADA and the Disabled Persons Act.arrivals and departures to Catalina via ferry or helicopter. 310.221.6290,Distance in MilesAdditional information on service animals can beAvalonFreightServices.com Secondary Road Campgroundfound on CatalinaExpress.com or by request. Catalina Flying Boats will deliver same day to your hotel or campsiteHiking Trail Emergency Phone Boat-In in Avalon or Two Harbors. 562.595.5026 & Service Road Picnic Site Primitive Campsites58 CATALINA EXPRESS MAGAZINE'