b'Home to some of the best hiking, diving, and kayaking locations in Southern California, Two Harbors is aHilariousandhaven for adventure enthusiasts that range from seasoned pros to noviceHeart-warming Stories thrill-seekers. From all day hikes to two-hour walks, there are various trailsfrom Catalina Islandthat lead to breathtaking views of the Pacific while surrounded by wildlife such as deer, foxes and bison.BUY IT TODAY\x1f Campers looking to call Two HarborsL\x1d\x1c\x1b C\x1a\x19\x1a\x18\x17\x16\x1a D\x15\x14\x13 their temporary home can chooseS\x19\x1c\x15\x1d \x12\x11\x10 C\x15\x1d\x1b\x0f\x1d\x16\x19 A\x0e\x1d.from campgrounds that range from secluded inland locations to seasideO\x16\x18 \x0c\x10\x0b.sites. With gear available for rent and purchase at the General Store, all campers need to do is show up, withEver donesomething so an advanced reservation, of course. ridiculous you wish you had If camping isnt your cup of tea,aholetohidein?Wellworry not as this side of the IslandinPaulaslife,thatscalled also offers a hospitable stay at theWednesday.Herhilarious charming Banning House Lodge, andheart-warmingstoriesLocal authorlocated on a hill overlooking thePaula ThomasCatalina Harbor. With 12 individualo\x1fer a rst-ever peak at the life of a kid in the 1950s when her rooms, each with their own privatesiblings became overnight Hollywood celebrities . . . . And on Catalina Island, she baths, the Banning Lodge providesgives you a unique glimpse into a wild childs life growing up in a one-of-a-kind guests with complimentary continentalenvironment.breakfast, evening wine and cheeseP\x1f\x1e\x1d\x1c\x1b\x1f\x1a\x19 \x1f\x18\x17 E\x1b\x16\x16\x19platter and a sweeping scenic view ofA\x15\x1f\x14\x13\x1f\x1b\x13\x1d \x16\x18 A\x12\x1f\x11\x16\x18 \x1f\x18\x17 B\x1f\x1c\x18\x1d\x10 \x0f N\x16\x1b\x13\x1d the harbor. For a more private stay, consider Two Harbors only villas,Website: paulathomaspotluck.comEmail: [email protected] Rosa and Santa Cruz.For beach-goers looking to stay beachside, spending the day at Harbor Sands is a must! Lounge in comfort at Two Harbors beautiful oasis inside a rustic-style furnishedTAK ING CARE OFY OU R palapa, a beach chair or an ocean view table. Mere steps away from theFREIGHT NEED S TO water, soak up the sun as you sip and munch on staple drinks and dishesCATALINA ISLANDdelivered directly to you. With new additions to an already stellar menu, the Chicken Tinga Street Tacos andWhether your freight needs are large or small, the Two Harbors Avocado Ahi PokAvalon Freight Services provides reliable, year-round, Bowl are not to be missed! Refreshscheduled or chartered freight transportation from with Catalinas signature drink, BuffaloPort of Los Angeles to Catalina Island. Milkwhich originated in Two Harbors more than 40 years ago.There is something for everyone here, said Allen. Made for having fun, Two Harbors is undoubtedly Catalinas secret paradise thatGETTING HEREwelcomes everyone for a little restAVALON FREIGHT and recreation near the sea. SERVICES From 110 South to San Pedro From CA 47 South385 E Swinford Street,Terminal Island, Exit 47 Ramp Exit Harbor Blvd., Stay in center laneExit Harbor Blvd., Stay in center lane Left on Harbor Blvd./Front StreetSan Pedro, CA 90731 Left on Harbor Blvd./Front Street Right on Regan StreetRight on Regan Street Avalon Freight Services is on Avalon Freight Services is onyour rightyour rightCall us today for more information and schedules.310.221.6290 AvalonFreightServices.comCATALINAEXPRESS.COM 61'