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6 Fun Things to Do at Descanso Beach

Family Playing on the Sand of Descanso Beach Club

Nothing is better than a day at the beach. There’s just something so refreshing about swimming, relaxing, and sunbathing in the midst of a cool ocean breeze. Known for its trendy boutiques and island isolation, Catalina Island has long been a favorite California getaway for beach-lovers from all over the world. It has gorgeous coastlines, adventurous activities, and the kind of seclusion that can only be found on an island. One of the most beloved beaches to visit on Catalina Island is Descanso Beach. Every year, thousands of people visit this to swim in pristine waters, sunbathe on padded lounge chairs, and walk on glistening white sand. To help you make the most of your island visit to Descanso Beach Club, here is a list of the top 6 things to do at the beach.

1. Sea Glass Collecting

Sea glass is one of the great artistic masterpieces of the ocean. Sea glass formations are pieces of glass from broken bottles, tableware, or shipwrecks that make their way to the ocean bed. Over the course of a few years, the ocean rolls this broken glass until it is masterfully crafted into a round-edged, frosted design. Because of its delicate and alluring arrangement, it has been cleverly named “mermaid tears.” Sea glass is a wonderful picture of the broken being made beautiful. For this reason, people love collecting the diverse colors and compositions that can be found all over Descanso Beach. It’s a very unique activity to include in your Catalina Island day trip.

2. Snorkeling

At Descanso Beach, the sand is always white and the ocean is always blue. As a result, people love bringing their snorkeling gear and diving into a tropical sea life adventure. The best snorkeling is just around the point to the left of the bay. In these crystal-clear waters, snorkelers find a variety of fish, such as garibaldi and calico bass. Some people even run into sea lions! If you or a companion don’t have snorkeling gear, there is snorkeling equipment conveniently available for rent nearby. Descanso Beach has many rocks on the shore and in the ocean so be sure to bring water shoes.

3. Paddle Boarding

Catalina Island’s joyful combination of beach, sunshine, and beauty makes it the best place for anyone seeking a weekend getaway. One of Catalina’s best places to spend the day is Descanso Beach. It is one of those places that feels like you’re on a private island. For this reason, visitors love rent paddleboards and soaking in the magnificent views.  There are gorgeous coves to paddle around and explore marine life such as sea lions, sting rays, and various fish.

4. Kayaking

There are several places to kayak within Catalina’s coastal towns. However, kayaking in Descanso Beach is extraordinary because the water is completely free of boats and busyness. There is a nearby place to rent kayaking gear, and the friendly staff are very helpful with answering questions and giving suggestions. Once you make your way into the sea, you’ll enjoy one of the best kayaking adventures. There is nothing but clear waters and stunning views surrounded by Catalina Island cliffs. If you’ve never ocean kayaked before, this is the perfect beach to start your paddling.

Family Kayak

5. Zip Line Tour

For those who want an adrenaline rush, the nearby zip line tour is for you! On this popular adventure vacation, you will safely glide through the historic, fun, and exhilarating landscapes on Catalina Island. While flying at high speeds, you’ll learn curious facts about the island’s history and eco system. Each guide has a friendly personality and provides a Catalina Island tour that is educational and packed with lighthearted fun. If this is your first introduction to zip lining, the instructors will do an amazing job at calming your nerves and putting you at ease. Vacationers of all ages have a blast, and this one of the most talked about activities on Catalina Island.

Zip lining

6. Drink on the Beach

If you go to Descanso Beach there is a $2 per person fee. However, this small fee comes with big benefits because this is one of the only beaches in California that is allowed to serve alcohol. That’s right, because of the $2 fee, Descanso is technically considered a private beach. Thus, you can take your favorite drinks to the sand and have the best coastal vacation of your life. If you’re wondering what to drink, the staff at Descanso is amazing, and they will give you great suggestions. Both the food and drinks are excellent. One of the most popular beverages is the Cabana Colada, Descanso’s spin on the Piña Colada – yum! Moreover, you can also bring your own alcohol. Once you have your refreshment of choice, you can lounge on Descanso Beach’s premium relaxation chairs and watch the world go by.

All in all, Descanso Beach is a great place to spend a day. It has excellent food, exotic drinks, nice beaches, cabanas, and exhilarating activities. It’s one of the best beaches to make your family vacation ideas come to life. With so much available in one place, your visit can truly be as restful or as active as you desire.

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